Air Kennels

We offer both wooden and plastic IATA approved air kennels.

The wooden air kennels come in all different sizes. We hold kennels in sizes from a cat to a German Shepherd. We can also have kennels made to order if your dogs are of a larger breed.

The plastic air kennels are available in 6 sizes. Even though you may feel that the plastic kennels would be better for your pet, the sizes may not be suitable and therefore a wooden kennel that can be made to measure would be more comfortable for your pets needs.
The kennels have to be large enough for your pets to stand up, lie down and turn around comfortably.

The diagram below shows you how to measure pets for travel containers.


For a more accurate quote please confirm your pet's measurements. When you are ready, get a quote from Flypets.

  1. A. Length in cm = Nose to root of tail - tail excluded
  2. B. Height in cm = Floor to top of head while standing
  3. C. Width in cm = At the widest point

Cats do not need to be measured.



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